left brain says:

I use photography as a means to ask questions and explore the answers. It is a difficult medium in which to work because I am a prisoner of what is in front of me. The only thing I can do is interpret it, not modify it, nor create it. This very limitation is what forces me to ask more questions about what I am looking at and how I perceive it. 

right brain says:


Being a prisoner of the here and now means that my interpretation is anchored in what I can see and record. I have to search for and find and frame moments, that when flattened in time with a camera, somehow communicate how I feel, regardless of where I am standing. It is a beautiful enigma, trying to reconcile my emotions and my perceptions in a single frame. Success is so elusive, I am certain I've never approached it.


1989 - 1993

B.S. Physics, United States Naval Academy

1998 - 2000

M.S. Operations Research, Navy Postgraduate School

Group Exhibition


Open Show San Diego at MOPA

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