05 aug 19 daily

Spent a little time in the morning editing photographs from Jimmie's birthday. I really like the color pallet and I didn't do a thing in post to get it. Took a peep at pool party pictures, still not sure what I am going to do with them.

Thought more about prints, but still not sure on what I want out of the landscape-type shots from Nevada. The more I work with them, the more they move around, so although I didn't call them up today, the idea of them is still forming in my head.

Started a darkroom equipment list. Not sure I am going to do it, but this will inform that decision.

I went into the school today to help out with the Intro to BW class. Was also hoping to make contact sheets, didn't get to it. Jay brought in several books that I got to really dig into:

Shadows of Wormwood


The Unreal Real

A couple of Aselm Kiefer books

The Steidl catalog from a few years ago

I also helped fellow students with darkroom processes, split filtering, highlight and shadow control, etc. Gave some paper to a few people that needed. It was nice to help others see then unlock the potential in their work.

Looked at some of my Jerusalem negatives through the loupe, I have a potential multi-print. Need to make contact sheets to find other potential singles.

Tested the connection to the NAS from the school - surprisingly fast now that we have a faster connection. This will make it convenient to back up digitals while on travel.

Photographed a lemon in a bowl on the counter. The light interested me.