06 aug 19 daily

Took mom to Santa Ana, so I parked myself in a coffee shop and worked on my website blog content, trying to use it as a repository for what I learn and what I am doing. Wrote some usage notes on the Nikon FE, not sure why, maybe because I am considering an FM3 and / or a Leica. Trying to sort out which would be best to bring on extended travel.

Made photographs in a carwash early in the day, made photographs at the beach in the evening with Lynne. Using my digital is starting to become like a pencil - I see something, I want to record it a certain way, and I can pretty much get it. I would like my film work to be the same but some of the wacky things I can do with digital, I can't necessarily do with film. And vice versa.

That's it. Most of the day spent behind the wheel.

today's photograph