07 aug 19 daily

Back at the college today, helping out in the darkroom. Last day of class so a lot going on to finish projects. Got to help out by making darkroom suggestions, helping with grain focusing, gave away some photo paper. Final project critique today, got to see some really good work. Much better as a whole than when I was in the class. Some students are much better than they realize.

Jay brought some of his color darkroom prints. Wow. Want some of that. Big color darkroom prints look nothing like digital prints. Hard to describe why, has to be seen. Maybe someday I'll have the opportunity to make my own color enlargements.

Worked a little more on yesterday's photographs from Coronado. A few potentials. Still shooting without AWB, really like how that affects colors. I still have an idea about convergence between digital and film, but I don't know how that looks or what that means practically.

Talked with Jay a little bit about trying to just shoot and not let photography become too constructed all the time. Sometimes there are just cool visuals that are worth shooting. It made me realize that having a digital allows for this, at least for me, I can try anything and there isn't a penalty. I was also remembering how last night, I was telling Lynne how my digital shooting is becoming less conscious thought - I have an idea and I can pretty much set the camera to get it, without thinking too much. It is starting to be like a pencil.

Shopped for books. Going through another book buying phase, it waxes and wanes. Thinking about Sergio Larrain Valparaiso. His work is so beautiful. Ananias Leki Dago comes to mind - there is a similar feel, personal, poetic, a lovely melancholy rendition.

Didn't shoot much today, maybe 8 frames. This one caught my eye so I took it.

Classroom at City College