10 aug 19 daily

One of the first conscious things I did today was make a photograph in the kitchen. Then another and another. There is a daily light phenomenon in the space that I have been watching.

I also poured through Early Color (Leiter). Such a lovely book, Leiter was a master of spacial composition, I pick up something new every time I go through the book. His work was shot on Kodachrome, but there are some indoor images that are quite sharp - I wonder how he exposed and developed to make those frames. The photographs were made 1948-1960...the era of the original Kodachrome. Kodachrome II was released in 1961 with an increased ASA of 25, so Leiter shot all the work with ASA 10 film! Stiedl handled the scanning, but I don't know if that was negatives or prints.

Went through some photographs from Portugal. I've been back for 7 months but I know that I am still not ready to completely digest the images. I just need to keep passing through them and over time, they will thin down. I'm trying to use mostly gradients in post, although sometimes I need to recover a little bit of highlights. I try to think in terms of dodging and burning and darkroom filters. Using the gradients with exposure keeps the image looking more natural than some of the other controls. Other controls that I'm using are keystone, noise reduction and vignette. Sometimes I'll end up with several gradients - my eye has moved on from highlight and shadow recovery, so I rarely use them.

This feeds back into my shooting. While underexposing is good for highlights, it is to the detriment of shadows - when exposure is lifted, the noise is lifted as well. If I have to lift an image 2 stops, that is the same as shooting at 4x the ISO, i.e., if shot at ISO 400, and I lift 2 stops, the shadows are shown as if shot at ISO 1600. This shows itself in high contrast images, of which I have plenty since back light is attractive to me. So I will be watching my exposure more closely. Back to studying exposure...again.

Cleaned out more of the living room, put some stands in the garage, stored all my modifiers above my closet. Turned my constant light into a living room lamp, may as well. Got the idea from seeing a Restoration Hardware lamp that was $4200, supposed to look like photo gear. Mine is about $800 except that it is actual working photo gear.

Today's photograph.