11 aug 19 daily

Was at Mark and Javiva's for lunch, very nice afternoon. Mark asked me to make some photographs of his garden. It was bright and sunny, mid day, so many of the images have very high contrast and don't work very well. The clouds did come out, so I was able to get some images that are more useable. I'll go through them this week and send a few over.

I also took photographs of Mark. He isn't into it so much, but after a while, he ignored the camera so I was able to get some interesting images.

Met with David last night and talked about his portrait project as it is taking shape. He took on a very difficult challenge - a student that had passed away. He made a few images and we talked about them and the challenge. He made great images but is still thinking about how to approach. The beauty is that he can retake those images again and again. I think it is likely he will return to those portraits.

We looked at some of his work where he used cropping and he had made great compositions. He always has intent and it shows, and he has passion for his image making.

We also looked at some of his shutter speed photographs. There were some good ideas and we talked about limitations of long shutter speeds and how they can be used creatively.

We got more into the control panels and we talked about highlights and shadows controls and what I am currently doing, using exposure gradients instead, to visually level the frame and then draw the eye with intent. I also gave him Callaghan and Metzker.

Next time I need to bring in an ND filter, the color theory book and color wheel, and some photographs from some of my books that are great and talk about what makes them great.

Today's photograph