12 aug 19 daily

I spent some time reviewing travel photographs, looking for something for a print to frame and put on the wall, something that will take us back, tasteful and subtle. Likely to be black and white and not obvious. I've been wanting to get some prints framed and on the wall, but I still lag.

Ran errands as a continued effort to thin down my existence so that I can focus on what I want to do and have more freedom and choices. Donated a chair, returned a library book, dropped off e-waste and hard drives for destruction. A little bit, consistently, adds up. I still have much to do, but the goal is to get closer to a streamlined existence with a purpose.

I"m giving our living environment a tune up. Over time, we have accumulated objects, stuff, that after a while we don't see anymore. It takes an effort to survey the house and become aware of those things again, then decide what to do next. Are those things still a part of our lives? Probably not. There may be an emotional attachment, but I usually find that when I donate something that I thought was important to me, I usually forget about it pretty quickly.

An uncluttered environment encourages me to explore ideas without distraction. When I first emptied out the living room to make a studio / study, it was an empty space. It felt really good and I could experiment and work with a minimum of distractions. I shot a lot with artificially light, learning how to use it and what it looks like. I still really enjoy that kind of work, but I shoot differently now, spending more time outside and using available light.

It is still the space that I work - my desk is there and the light is beautiful - I still need to be able to try different ideas with the minimum of fuss, so the room will have to serve two purposes - a place to be with family and friends and still a place to study and work.

Today's photograph.