30 oct 19 memory

I was driving with my wife last night to an meet up between Escondido and Del Mar. We headed up just before sunset and I was hit by a memory of what my hometown looked like when I was younger. We were turning off a main road onto a side road and I remembered how much more green and tree filled Oceanside used to be. It is strange how a site or smell can access a memory, long forgotten, and bring me back to some point long ago, an exact time that I don't remember, buried in a context I don't remember, yet familiar altogether.

Much of the landscape in which the memories of younger days have lived has been severely scarred, or erased. If I don't have photographs of these moments, these impressions, what can I do to help me remember? I think it has to do with seeing and sensitivity. Just as driving through an intersection on a road that I've not driven on before can activate my past, there are other intersections that I need to pay attention to, or risk missing a memory.

I need to go up and find that photograph. There is something in it.